Sunday, March 18, 2018

Mar. 18th News

Happy St. Patrick's Day Weekend!
Highlights from our week:
*St. Patrick's Day: As St. Patrick's Day was approaching, we took the time to think about luck and who we had in our lives that we feel lucky for. This led us to our St. Patty's craft where each pot of gold showed who was worth MORE than gold :)
While we left the trap building to the kindergartners and first graders, some Owls used their choice time to set up a trap...just in case!
*Fairy Tales: During reader's workshop, we revisited using compare & contrast skills to explore multiple versions of Cinderella as there are over 1,500 versions worldwide! Working with their reading partner, students compared a version of Cinderella  to the American version of the traditional tale. They had lots of fun with fractured tales like Bigfoot Cinderrrrella, Trollerella, Prince Cinders and Cinderella Penguin!
In addition to reading about fairy tales, this week we also looked carefully at some problems they had (or could have!) and how we could help them! Participating in another design challenge, the Owls needed to help Cinderella get to the ball (the Fairy Godmother needed a night off!). Working by themselves, students could only use one sheet of paper and some tape to create a wind powered coach. These engineers are really getting the hang of designing, creating, testing, and improving---and they have a ball doing it!
*Math: We continued working with money this week and many students began working from a "Math Menu"! Using a "tic-tac-to" styled board, the Owls were challenged to choose how they wanted to work with money. From watching a BrainpopJr video, to singing songs about coins, to finding out how much their sort words were worth, the Owls certainly chose what worked best for them!
In addition, as we are continually working to bridge our learning with real world applications, the Owls had a great time planning for a party, while learning a valuable lesson about budgeting!
For the upcoming week, we will begin working counting back change (another important life skill!)
Hope you had a very happy St. Patrick's Day!
Questions to promote "School Talk":
-What is a fractured fairy tale? Which one has been your favorite?
-What pose is your character making for your life size mural?
-How is the Iditaread going for you?
-What is a villain? Which villain did you make a "Wanted!" poster for?
-Show four different ways to make $0.75.
-What story did Mrs. Belanger read to our class? What was one of the messages of the story?
Coming Up:
-Early Release (Student-Led Conferences): Wednesday, Apr. 4th and Wednesday, Apr. 11th (sign-up here)
-Fairy Tale Wax Museum: Friday, Apr. 6th

Saturday, March 17, 2018

2H is racking up IditaREAD miles!!

On Wednesday, Mar. 14th, Joar Liefseth Ulsom became the first musher to cross the Iditarod finish line in Nome! We enjoyed tracking the race and celebrated as Joar claimed his first, first place finish, beating the infamous Seavey family for the first time since 2011! Coming from Norway, Joar is only the third non-American to ever win the race! He finished the race in 9 days and 12 hours. 
Joar Ulsom of Norway poses with his dogs after winning the Iditarod sled dog race in Nome, Alaska, Wednesday, March 14, 2018. (AP Photo/Diana Haecker)
While the Iditarod may have been won, our IditaREAD is still fully underway! Over the past week, we celebrated several students as they read their way across the finish line.
All mushers have made it to the halfway mark and I encourage them to keep on reading! It's quite an accomplishment to be able to say, "I've read 1,000 minutes!" Thank you for your continued support and for helping promote the importance of daily reading. They've all grown SO much as readers!

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Mar. 11th News

What a wonderful, jam packed week we had back to school! Coming off the vacation week, all of the Owls settled right back into our routine and were ready to work!
Acting out scenes from The Three Little Pigs!
Highlights from our week:
*Iditaread: Our Iditaread is well underway! This past week, every musher has made significant progress on their reading journey towards Nome. I have been extremely impressed with each reader’s motivation in this challenge. Keep it up contestants! We’ve also been having a lot of fun closely following the real Iditarod race as those mushers make their way towards Nome as well. Our reading challenge continues until our last musher makes their way to Nome (just like the real race!) Just a reminder, students need a parent or teacher signature for each entry and need to turn their reading log in everyday (most have been doing a fantastic job with this!) Please help remind your child of the importance of reading every night. It has been so fun hearing what books are hooking each reader and helping them make their way to the finish line.
*Reading: For the past week, second graders have been immersed in fairy tales! All of their hard work is in preparation for their upcoming wax museum, which will take place on Friday, April 6th. A HUGE part of this project is reading tons and tons of fairy tales! Students have been read to, read independently, and have partner read numerous tales such as:
Related imageImage result for jack and the beanstalk book Image result for cinderella book james marshall
Thank you to all who helped their children pick a fairy tale character and returned the sign up paper to school. Our class was pleased to learn that EVERY student received one of their top three choices!
*Science: For a fun fairy tale connection, the Owls planted their very own "magic beans" and created their own version of the Giant's castle. Will their beans reach the castle providing Jack a way up? Only time will tell!!
*Math: During our math workshop time, we have been working especially hard in the area of money. Students should be becoming fluent in coin identification, counting a given amount of coins, and finding multiple coin combinations for given amounts. As students show success with these skills, they are being challenged to find total costs for numerous items and count back change. Practice of these skills has given us a lot of opportunities to play games, work with partners, and use technology!
 For additional practice at home, have your child: 
-count loose change piles
-draw coin combinations for items in a supermarket flyer
-visit these websites:
-IXL  (P.6 and P.7---P.10 for a challenge!)
*Scholastic Book Orders: March book order forms were sent home early last week. As always, Scholastic's full catalog is available online. Orders are due Tuesday, Mar. 13th
*Guest Speakers: We were SO fortunate this week to have Ron's parents join us and teach our class about the Jewish holdiay, Purim! After hearing a story, each Owl got to make a noise maker! Have your child tell you about the story and why they made their noise maker. A big thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Dvinsky for coming in and working with us!
*5th Grade Buddies: We were back to design engineering with our 5th grade buddies this week! Students were tasked to build a chair, that could support the weight of a stuffed animal "pet", using just two pieces of paper and tape. Nearly every group was successful and each design was creative and unique!
Have a great week!
Questions to promote "School Talk":
-What did we build with our 5th Grade Buddies this week? Was your design successful?
-Tell me about your new read aloud, The Land of Stories.
-What has been your favorite fairy tale so far?
-Who was Amelia Earhart? Why did we read about her?
-How can you make 67 cents?
-How can you bring your characters to life when you are reading or story telling?
Coming Up:
-Teacher In-Service, No School: Tuesday, Mar. 13th
-Scholastic Book Order Due: Tuesday, Mar. 13th
-Early Release (Parent Conferences): Wednesday, Apr. 4th and Wednesday, Apr. 11th (sign-ups coming soon!)
-Fairy Tale Wax Museum: Friday, Apr. 6th