Saturday, June 17, 2017

A GREAT trip to the GREAT Bay Discovery Center!

On Monday, we enjoyed our Great Bay Science Center field trip! The weather turned out to be so sunny (and quite toasty!) and we had a GREAT time learning about the amazing estuary in our backyard!
When we arrived at the center, we were split into groups so we could start exploring. A favorite for all was the discovery tank. We learned a TON about the many estuarine animals living in Great Bay such as clams, flounder, oysters, mussels, mud snails, mummichog (more commonly known as a minnow!), American eels and of course: horseshoe crabs!
 Another center we got to visit, taught us more about the Center's most popular animal: the horseshoe crab! Did you know..
-Horseshoe crabs aren't really crabs! They're more closely related to the spider or scorpion.
-They've been around since before the dinosaurs (maybe that's why they have the nickname, "Living Fossil")
-They have 10 eyes!
-Their tail is called a telson.
-They have blue blood (from the copper in their blood).
Then, it was time to head outside and take a walk along the beautiful Great Bay boardwalk!

We were able to see a osprey and her chicks in a nest!
We spent a lot of time scouring the shoreline for horseshoe crabs, and it was our lucky day! There was a BOUNTY of horseshoe crabs---we hit the jackpot! As if that wasn't cool enough, there was plenty more estuarine life for us to discover!
Our final stop had the Owls making ESTUARY SOUP!

All in all it was a fantastic day filled with lots of great learning. Thank you to all the families that we able to attend and learn with us! It was a great day to be together!
This summer, I encourage you to visit Great Bay and experience the variety of recreation activities it has available for your family (hiking, wildlife watching, boat launching, geocaching, and fishing!). If you're interested in visiting the Center, it is open from 10-4, Wednesdays through Sundays. Visit here to learn more.