Sunday, July 1, 2018

Memories to Last a Lifetime: Our Last Week Together!

Hello, Owls! I hope your summer has been off to a FANTASTIC start! I've been thinking a lot about our great year together and I can honestly say that I miss it already! Here are a few final pictures from your last week in 2nd grade. Enjoy!!
Hoping for an active, adventurous summer, our Owl class made Summer "Bucket Lists!" With all of this glorious sunshine, I hope you've been able to check a few items off of your lists! :)
As part of our social studies curriculum, second graders learn all about our national symbols, landmarks, monuments, and parks! To launch this final unit, each classroom was given a national park to research. By teaming together, our Owl class learned TONS of exciting information about Redwood National Park. Connecting to our plant unit, we wanted to learn about, and teach others about, this special place (and the special tree that grows there!). 2H had a BLAST working together to create exhibits and information to share with the other second grade classrooms. Check out all of their hard work!
After our exhibit was open and ready for visitors, it was time to put on their ranger vests and head out to explore!
After "visiting" each National Park, these park rangers received badges to remember their trip!
For our final writing unit, second graders gave it their all to persuade others! We created travel brochures for their favorite New England attraction! We had all sorts of places from Stratham Hill Park to Fenway Park, Blitz Air Park to Hilltop Fun Center, Nordic Village to the Boston Tea Party Museum and LOTS of places in between! We had a blast taking a "tour" of all the neat places near us!
 Finally, our last day of second grade was upon us. While it was sad to say goodbye, we knew we would always have our 2H memories in our heart! Bring on third grade!! 
After singing MANY birthday songs for our summer birthdays, Mr. Fosher enjoyed reading our "Retirement Advice" book!
Just like us, our cool weather crops sure have grown this year!
Thank you for a truly incredibly year! Be sure to visit in the fall!

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Can't Stop the Seedling!

Last week, Seedling Stars across the Second Grade took the stage for the wonderful, original production of Can't Stop the Seedling! It was so much fun performing for our family, friends, and SMS community!
Before we knew it, it was...SHOWTIME!!! We were so proud to present Can't Stop the Seedling! written by Ms. Riley and directed by Mrs. McCrillis! We are so very lucky to work with such talented staff members. Of course, the show wouldn't be complete without our stars: the 2017-2018 Second Grade Class!! 

Want to see an encore performance or share with family and friends? Enjoy!
 Bravo, actors! You have done a TON of growing this year in second grade. I think it's safe to say, you've all nearly blossomed into third graders! Well done!
Group hug!
That's a wrap!